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This website is the main hub for all I/O Sam's content and social media accounts. Here you can check my latest YouTube videos, Instagram, Mastodon and Blog posts as well as information on promotions and giveaways that I run on my channels. It is also the easiest way to contact me if you have any questions or inquiries about my content and social media channels. 


My name is Sam Franco and this website is where I concentrate all my online presence. I have been a tech enthusiast for my whole life (since my first computing classes on an Apple II in 1983) and have been building, fixing, upgrading and renovating computer, audio and video gear in my spare time for over 30 years.

My passion for electronics started when I got my first game console, an Atari 2600, in 1984 and my passion for music started soon after I got my first Sony boombox in 1986 (while my sister got a much better deal with her Walkman).

On the professional side I have worked most of my life as a business consultant for media and technology companies in Europe, North and South America. On the personal side, I speak 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish), have lived in 3 continents, have a decent repertoire of Mediterranean food cooking skills and have spent more money on music throughout the years than most people out there (and I can always find a way to justify those expenses mind you).

I/O Sam is my way to express the enjoyment I always had from dealing with technology and a way to share this passion with other like minded übergeeks out there. My main goal with these social media channels is to connect with people like you and exchange knowledge about computer hardware, software, networking, games, audio, video, phones and all other types of consumer technology that pushes our world forward.

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