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Epomaker AK84S: Full metal (and wireless) 75%

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Today we’re taking a good look into this channel’s first (of a few) 75% layout keyboard from Epomaker: the Bluetooth Wireless and full aluminium built AK84S.

As usual, we’ll go through its design, features, quality, software programmability and sound. Then, we’ll make a few interesting mods to its hybrid tray mounting system, as well as adding silicone, O-rings to the case and doing the “Tempest Tape” mod to its PCB for a smoother and better behaved sound profile.

In the sound test chapters, you’ll be able to hear how much of a difference these mods did to the AK84S, as well as the impact from different keycaps (including the interesting GK2 Silicone Keycaps from Epomaker).

Is its $199 price tag worth it for such an upscale 75% wireless board in the crowded mechanical keyboards market we have today? How does it stack against the similarly priced (and super popular) GMMK Pro from Glorious PC Gaming Race and the Keychron Q1??

Grab yourself a nice beverage and join me in this “trademarked” I/O Sam chill-out voyage into the world of mechanical keyboards!



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GK6XPlus Driver Software Tutorial by Ken Solo👉



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