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IMHO: Filco Majestouch Minila-R Convertible (as reviewed by BadSeed Tech)

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

It was quite interesting to see BadSeed Tech’s review of this new quirky Bluetooth keyboard release by FILCO today!

Filco is a keyboard legend! They're a Japanese mechanical keyboard brand that predates pretty much all the MK hype we have today. They have been on this game since 2004 and they are so far removed from what people think it's trendy today (insofar as “modern” mechanical keyboards are concerned) that it shows in their products.

And you know what? That can be a great thing! Yes, their cases are plastic (“thicc” plastic), yes they only use Cherry switches, yes they use Costar stabs, yes most of their key caps are thin ABS… But in the grand scheme of things, and depending on who you are, none of those things really matter.

Their keyboards are designed to have a good balance between price and durability (remember: their main focus is the Japanese market and they take their "durability issues" quite seriously over there).

Having said all that, I love the quirks of this little Bluetooth board and I can see a “modding” project to replace the cherry switches in this thing coming in my future (keep an eye here if you want to see that)!


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