RK96 vs K98: work & play on a 96% layout

Updated: Jun 13

Welcome to this “face-off” between two 96% layout budget keyboards from two popular brands in the sub-$100 segment: the RoyalKludge RK96 and the Womier K98.

As usual, we’ll go through their design, features, quality, software and sound. Then, we’ll make a few quick and easy mods to both boards to see how we can improve their sound and typing experience.

In the sound test chapters, you’ll be able to hear how much of a difference these relatively simple mods did to them (spoiler alert: a lot!).

Can you get the same practicality of a full size mechanical Keyboard in a more compact layout with these 96% boards? Can you get good quality in this $80 to $90 USD value oriented segment of the market?

Join me on another I/O Sam “chill-out voyage" into the ever expanding world of MechanicalKeyboards!



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