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Upgrading my home setup(s)

Welcome to my first desk setup video on this channel! In today's video, the last part of my "Home Office upgrades for the new year" series, we are reviewing 6 products I recently added to my multiple home setups after some extensive research: FlexiSpot’s new E8 (oval shaped legs) standing desk, AVLT’s dual stacked monitor arms, Kerdom KD-9060H Ergonomic Office Chair, BenQ’s ScreenBar Plus desk lamp and treVolo U conference speaker, and two interesting accessories to clean my desk (Meco CR2 electric vacuum/air-duster) and organize my keyboards (KXRORS keyboard wall mounted shelf).

Check out some of the desk setup upgrades I did to my bedroom, Home-Office/gaming-setup, and my new workshop, to increase productivity and improve comfort when working and gaming.


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6 Keyboards to improve productivity & gaming👉

Fix your desktop audio (for as low as $30!) 👉

MAIN FEATURED PRODUCTS (affiliate links are marked with *):

FlexiSpot (Use code “YTB15” for 15% off on orders over $500):

Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8 👉

Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 👉

AVLT Dual Stacked Monitor Arm:

*Kerdom KD-9060H Ergonomic Office Chair 👉

*BenQ ScreenBar Plus 👉

BenQ treVolo U Desktop Speaker:

*(Amazon) 👉

(BenQ website) 👉

*Meco CR2 electric vacuum/air-duster 👉

*KXRORS keyboard wall mounted shelf 👉


(some links are part of affiliate programs)

- KRK 5" Classic Studio Monitor:

- Logitech G502:

- Cooler Master MM720 Mouse:

- Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad:

- Orico Computer Tower Stand CPB3:

- Orico Metal Computer Tower Stand CPB6:

- Mega Size Gaming Mouse Pad:

- Youkoyi Magnifier Lamp:

- VIVO Vertebrae Cable Management Kit:

- Bosch GLL25-10 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level:

- Bosch GDR18V-1400B12 Impact Driver Kit:

- BLACK+DECKER Electric Screwdriver:

- Hakko FX888D Digital Soldering Station:

- Hakko 611-2 Dual Solder Reel Stand:

- Xytronic 426DLX Fume Extractor:

- Wall Control Beige Metal Pegboard:

- Wall Control Pegboard Shelf:

- Presa Metal Peg Board Shelving Hooks:

- Wowstick Electric Screwdriver: (Bangood)» | (Amazon)»

- Wiha 32611 SoftGrip Sheers:

- Nashua Stretch & Seal Silicone Tape:

- Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Vacuum:

- XPOWER A-2 Cyber Duster:

- Antlion Audio ModMic Wireless:

- Shure MV7 USB Microphone:

- Elgato Wave Mic Arm:

- Razer Kiyo Pro Streaming Webcam:

- Logitech Multimedia Speaker Z50:

- mStone Acrylic Keyboard Dust Cover:


- Realforce R2 Keyboard (Tenkeyless, Ivory, 55G):

- Skyloong GK75:

- Wooting 60HE gaming mechanical keyboard:

- GMMK NumPad:

- Melgeek Mojo68 mechanical keyboard:

- IQUNIX F97 Variable X Wireless Mechanical Keyboard: (use code IOSAM for 5% Off)

I/O SAM SUB-REDDIT (ask any question about my videos):



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