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Welcome to I/O Sam!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Welcome and thank you for coming and checking out this little project! This is just the beginning of something that has been in the works for over a year now and that I hope you'll enjoy being part of it as much I'm enjoying building it!

The first goal behind I/O Sam is to be a great a source of good advice and techniques on not only buying tech wisely (we have enough of that out there already), but, most importantly, on building, upgrading, maintaining and fixing things on your own.

Besides, I'm a bit obsessed in keeping thing working and in good condition, so I hope you'll be able to learn from my past mistakes, over years of computer hardware and software building and tweaking, as much I expect to learn from you and other enthusiasts out there.

My second goal for this project is to build a welcoming and open community around the subjects we're all passionate about (computers, audio, video and tech in general). One of the most off-putting things on the Internet to me, whenever I'm trying to learn something new, is the "gate-keeping" and elitism we sometimes see on social media and content platforms out there (specially in tech related discussions). Needless to say, I'm making sure that never happens here.

I like to think of hardware and software (and technology in general) as tools to improve one's life, either in practical ways or just as a hobby, and not an excuse to create online fiefdoms or a way waste money on ostentatious things. So you can expect to see a very deliberate focus in getting the most "bang for your buck" in every new project I post.

Please make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel (which will be the main content avenue for this project) as well as follow me on other social media so we can keep in touch. And if you prefer to have an even more direct communication with me, this website will obviously be the best place for that.

See you again here soon!


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